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A range of premium tomato juices squeezed from hand-picked Isle of Wight vine ripened tomatoes. Our tomato juices are high in lycopene, low in salt and sugar and are gluten free. So whilst perfect as a non-alcoholic drink or mocktail they are also brilliant as the base for your own special recipe or for a consistently delicious lively or feisty easy mix Bloody Mary.

The best of British tomato juices

The Tale of Two Vine Guys

Turner Hardy & Co. is the result of a passion for Hampshire, local produce, Bloody Marys and healthy juice recipes by childhood friends Eddie Turner and Hugo Hardman …

We wanted a ‘not from concentrate’, premium and bloody delicious tomato juice as a base of our Bloody cocktails and want to share our passion for Isle of Wight tomatoes, premium soft drinks and to start a Bloody Mary revolution!

Our aim has also been to spread the story about the many health benefits of tomatoes; on their own, as a premium soft drink or as part of a brilliant Bloody Mary recipe.

Welcome to our range of juices that you can drinks straight or use as a base for your mocktails and cocktails to create the most delicious and consistent Bloody Mary, Marias, Margarets and more.

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The Proper Small Batch Juice

A good juice is made fresh from the best fruits, not from concentrate, and a proper one is made from fruit that you would travel a long way to eat, let alone to squeeze. When we tasted the tomatoes on the Isle of Wight it was love at first bite. This stuff is almost addictive!

The juices are squeezed, spiced and bottled on the farm where the tomatoes are grown. The vines are pollinated by British bees; this truly is made in Britain.

The vines are tendered daily by hand and the tomatoes stay on the vine until all the tomatoes are rich red in colour. Of equal importance is the sustainability of the farm. They conserve the CO2 and the heat from a local power plant, reducing their CO2 emissions and everything they work with from the coconut husks to the string for the vines is biodegraded in their own composting plant. We also use all the ‘wonky’ tomatoes that can’t be sold directly to others.

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We sell in cases of 6 or 12 (to make the delivery charges more manageable) but with a shelf life of two years at ambient and five days in the fridge once opened, we hope to allow everyone to have a few spare bottles for those bloody hell moments.

The Lively one

Our original concoction, lightly spiced and just perfect throughout the day whether for brunch, lunch, after a workout or just because it tastes so damn fine. A very healthy premium juice, low in salt and sugar, gluten free and high in lycopene. Also delicious as mild Bloody Mary ingredient.


The Feisty one

The Feisty One … Intensely spiced … rich, rounded, pokey and consistently perfect as a damn fine virgin or Bloody Mary, Maria, Snapper. A Sunday morning dream ticket.


The Pure One

The Pure One … celebrating the sublime taste and stewardship of the Isle of Wight tomatoes and perfect for home spicing as we all have the best Bloody Mary recipe! As used in some of the finest restaurants, bars and hotels in England.



Behind the scenes we have a collection of mad cap geniuses which helps us stay pure, lively and always feisty!

Our Favourite Serves


We will only ever be as good as the fine folk who serve our drinks. Here’s to those who believe in us and enjoy drinking what we do… there's not enough room for all of them sadly and if you want to be able to get your mits on us somewhere else, do let us know …

And many, many more!

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